About us

West London Welcome is a community run for and with local refugees, asylum seekers and migrants of all ages.

We work together with local people to provide a safe, positive experience of community to reduce isolation, build inclusion and confidence, challenge injustice, and enable people to access the support, education, advice and advocacy they need. We take a holistic approach to support the needs of our members, from the practical and social to the emotional and playful.

West London Welcome offers:

  • A safe community space. People come to our community centre each week, where they can make friends, get advice, take classes and do activities, and build strong support networks. 
  • A wide range of classes, activities, and support:
    • English classes
    • Hot lunch of different world foods
    • Foodbank
    • Clothing
    • Advice from caseworkers on immigration and asylum, housing, benefits, health, education, and more
    • Crèche
    • Creative activities such as art, drumming, yoga, meditation, knitting, book and writing club
    • Cricket

West London Welcome is a registered charity: Registered Charity Number 1183261


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